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Informing patients

A treatment decision should be based on well-documented and fully comprehensible information about the most reliable therapy for a specific type of cancer. We commit ourselves to simplifying the available information and offering it to the general public.

Informing patients

“When my sister was diagnosed with cancer, the information I could find regarding who recommends which treatment and where, when and how was overwhelming, complex and often contradictory.”

Filtering, translating and educating

Our team is independent and open-minded. We consult reliable sources (NCI, UpToDate, MSKcc, cam-cancer, a.o.) and guidelines (NCCN, ESMO) to inform about treatment options. We filter and translate scientific data and results into a language understandable to patients and their families. We also help patients structure and comprehend complex information about registered and complementary or alternative therapies so that it can be used in treatment discussions with the attending physician.

We can help!

The Anticancer Fund personally answers all therapy-related questions from patients and their families. It is crucial to clearly formulate your question and describe which type of information you would like us to provide you with. Due to the many types of cancer and treatment strategies, we might also ask you for some details about the patient, the diagnosis and previous or planned treatments in order to provide you with personalised information

To improve our patient services, we deeply appreciate your feedback about information provided to you by the Anticancer Fund.

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What kind of information do we provide?

We provide non-judgmental, evidence-based information about:

  • specific types of cancer,

  • available treatment options,

  • treatment options suggested by international guidelines,

  • experimental treatment options and clinical trials,

  • treatment centres and specialists across borders,

  • drug interactions,

and we can provide scientific evidence of the complementary treatment you are considering.

We inform – we do not advise

The Anticancer Fund does not provide medical advice and the information provided does not replace a medical consultation. Treatment decisions must always be made after consultation with the attending physician.