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Apply for funding

Do you have a cancer trial proposal that meets our core criteria, or does your trial investigate the potential of repurposed generic drug(s) for the treatment of cancer? Don’t hesitate to apply for funding.

Our funding

Our foundation supports clinical investigators in multiple ways that may include financial support if your trial meets our criteria and has high scientific merit. We also promote co-funding, and can financially support any trial phase.

Our core criteria for funding

Our principles

  • Come as you are. 
    We have no prejudices. Anyone can apply, regardless of background or country. 
  • Clinical development should not be left to commercial companies. 
    We acknowledge the work of companies in bringing new therapeutic options to cancer patients. But we know we can do better if we work together as a society to find new uses for existing drugs.
  • Promoting collaboration, avoiding competition.
    We encourage everyone to share ideas, problems and solutions. No researcher will succeed alone. All partners must join efforts to make a trial pragmatic, well-executed and scientifically valid.
  • Impact and access. 
    We keep clinical use in mind right from the start. Trials should impact patients, not further future research. We offer strategic input to maximise impact and ensure treatment access to patients.

Our process

Every trial follows the same roadmap. First, we perform an internal review to assess your project. If your project meets all our core criteria, it is reviewed by external experts. The official decision will be made by our board.

Even if we decide not to fund your trial, our feedback may increase your chances of receiving funding elsewhere. In addition, we provide a list of other funding opportunities you may not be aware of.

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